With our experience in handling thousands of insolvency-related cases, we can provide a range of supporting fiduciary services, with investigative approaches and styles customized to your specific needs.
  • Claims agent/claims processing
  • Distribution/disbursement
  • Information services: web site development and hosting, telephone and e-mail support
  • Litigation support and preference analysis
  • Fiduciary services for negotiated settlement cases
  • Document management services
  • Development of noticing materials and campaigns
  • Creditor mailing list maintenance


All of our cases are handled in accordance with the strict standards established by the U.S. Department of Justice for Chapter 7 cases. These standards include rigorous security systems to track and report on assets and systems to handle cash. We are able to post bonds to literally any amount that may be required in a case.
  • State court receiverships
  • Federal court receiverships
  • Assignment for the benefit of creditors
  • Chapter 11 reorganizations
  • Liquidating trust trustee
  • Examiner
  • Chapter 7 cases trustee


Get expert perspective on all available strategies and tactics, as well as our options in service design and implementation. There is no cost or obligation attached to the consultation, and you may choose to have it by telephone or in person. The Grassmueck Group is especially resourceful at devising inventive, cost-effective solutions to both everyday and out-of-the-ordinary challenges.

Following your consultation we produce a proposal customized to the specific needs of your case. This proposal clearly spells out the precise services we will employ along an established timeline.