With 20-plus years of experience in insolvency-related cases as a foundation, The Grassmueck Group offers a wide range of supporting fiduciary services. Those services are based on the processes we've practiced as receiver or trustee in thousands of state and federal proceedings. Our clients benefit from an investigative approach that brings our skills and creativity into action to complement the work of your own staff.

All forms, instructions, and reports we produce are written in plain English to minimize time-consuming confusion and questions that add to administrative costs. Naturally, the initial drafts must gain the approval of your legal department.

Our support services range from the basics to beyond, depending on the details of the case and your needs.


Over two decades, The Grassmueck Group has processed hundreds of thousands of claims. Through this experience, we fully understand the attributes of an effective claims agent: Speed with accuracy; development of clear, complete forms and explanations in a way that minimizes questions and improves timeliness; data compiled and arranged to allow the generation of specific and useful reports. To achieve these ends, the agent should be an active participant in the process from the very beginning. At the Grassmueck Group, that process begins even before you assign us to your case.


As your claims agent, we can provide any or all of the following functions

  • Provide draft claims procedures motions to interested parties for discussion
  • Design custom proof of claim forms and instructions that are written in plain English, helping eliminate time-consuming questions during the claims settlement process and dramatically lowering administrative expenses
  • Provide comprehensive, easily understood communications to parties of interest in the case. Actions may include:
    • Developing and implementing noticing campaigns
    • Generating information relating to essential claims procedures, court documents, notices, press releases, status reports, and other documents
    • Updating and posting the flow of information to the web. We can post to your own site; assume administration of the entity's previous site; or build and host a searchable case-specific site.
  • Draft, organize, and publish the Notice to File Claims in printed media and on-line
  • Mail out Proof of Claim Forms to potential claimants and/or create an Online Claim Form. The on-line form can be uploaded into our claims registry to streamline hours of data entry
  • Maintain a continually updated master mailing matrix
  • Audit claims with precision and efficiency
  • Provide customized reports on any specific information requested
  • File and maintain the court's official proofs of claims register
  • Scan claims into electronic format if needed for claims register or litigation
  • Resolve claim deficiencies
  • Activate a dedicated, toll-free phone number and/or e-mail address to handle case-related inquiries
  • Perform a preliminary claims audit that includes:
    • claims review
    • request for deficient documents
    • chart of causes of possible objections
    • Prepare and notify claimants of objections to their claim and attempt settlement of objections within your specific parameters
    • Prepare objection summaries and documentation for objection hearing
    • Act as your Disbursing Agent


The attributes of an effective disbursing agent include credibility and diligence. Company founder and principal Michael A. Grassmueck has served as a Chapter 7 panel Trustee for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon since 1985. As a consequence, all of our actions as disbursing agent are handled according to the exacting regulations established by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the U.S. Trustee for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.


This important step helps eliminate further liability and smoothes the distribution process by limiting creditors' ability to challenge (and possibly delay) the distribution plan at a time-critical point.

  • Provide bonding as required
  • Keep claimants informed of disbursement progress with regular web postings. We can post on an existing website or build and post on a dedicated case-specific website.
  • If there is concern over liability, send a notice of intent to distribute to interested parties
  • Activate a dedicated, toll-free phone number and/or e-mail address to field inquiries from claimants
  • Disburse funds as directed
  • Prepare reports on disbursed funds
  • Reprocess funds returned due to address unknown, deceased, etc., as per disbursement plan



  • Develop content and post to your own site
  • Administer the entity's prior sites
  • Build and host a searchable case-specific site
  • Whichever approach you decide on, the site may include such elements as:
    • Branding with existing corporate logos when appropriate
    • Quickly post key documents and information:
      • Case progress and key dates
      • Case synopsis
      • Recent court documents
      • Financial reports filed
      • Press releases
      • Messages from the fiduciary
      • Claims information
      • FAQs
      • Contact information
      • Links to other important sites
      • On-line preliminary proof of claims filing


The Grassmueck Group can provide phone support for any aspect of a case, to relieve you of the burden of common calls from creditors, investors, and other interested parties. We tailor the level of information we disseminate according to your needs, following your wishes as to the amount and style of information to be shared. Our years of experience as administrators of similar cases assists us in handling many questions without the need for detailed scripts or FAQs.


Draw on our experience and creativity to develop effective solutions to a wide range of special situations that occur in insolvency cases.

  • Review of financial records
  • Initial preference analysis. If you are pursuing preferential or fraudulent transfer issues, we help with document maintenance of the records needed for litigation
  • Prepare or assist with reports, including monthly Chapter 11 reports, monthly and quarterly receiver's reports, and initial case assessment reports
  • Provide fiduciary services for negotiated settlement cases
  • Document management services: coordinate scanning (shipping, control, dissemination of scanned images, Bates stamping), document storage, retrieval and destruction
  • Drafting or editing notice materials, reports, and other communications
  • Function as noticing agent
  • Creditor mailing list maintenance