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Securities and Exchange Commission v Pacific Proton Therapy Regional Center et al.

Michael A. Grassmueck is the court-appointed Receiver for Pacific Proton Therapy Regional Center et al. Updates and general case documents related to this case are available below. 

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the SEC Path America Receivership

What is a Receiver?

A Receiver is an individual appointed by the United States District Court as a neutral party to assume control over assets that are the subject of a dispute. As in this case, the District Court provides instructions in the form of a Court Order concerning the Receiver's various responsibilities, duties and tasks. Here, Mr. Grassmueck was given control of all of the assets of Pacific Proton Regional Center, LLC and several other entities and their affiliates (collectively, the "Companies"). The Order Appointing a Receiver calls for the Receiver to marshal and preserve assets and to pursue claims to recover and preserve funds, assets and property of the Companies. The Receiver makes periodic reports to the Court. In the end, the Receiver will ascertain the amounts owed to each creditor and investor and distribute the recovered assets, if any, to creditors and investors in accordance with an order from the Court. 



Has the Receiver identified and located all of the Companies' assets?

The Receiver has identified, seized or taken control of all known assets. The Receiver is continuing to investigate and work on a forensic accounting which may reveal other assets. 



Why was the Receiver appointed?

The SEC has alleged that the Companies engaged in acts, practices and courses of business that violate federal securities laws. The SEC's complaint (which is also available on this website) alleges that the defendants have made material misrepresentations regarding the funds' activities. No final determination has been made with respect to the SEC's allegations. The Receiver was put in place by the Court to preserve the existing assets while the SEC's litigation is pending. As Receiver, Mr. Grassmueck has been put in control of the businesses and all of their assets. The TRO and PI call for the Receiver to marshal assets and perform all acts necessary or advisable to preserve their value. 



How do I contact the Receiver?

If you have questions or concerns, you should write the Receiver at the following address: PO Box 230091, Tigard, OR 97281. You may also communicate via email through this website. The Receiver's telephone number for this matter is 503-294-9928. The website will also be updated regularly to reflect significant receivership events. The best way to stay informed is to periodically check the website. 


如果您有任何问题或疑虑,你应该写致信接管人于以下地址:PO Box 230091, Tigard, OR 97281.你也可以通过本网站的电子邮件进行通信。接管人就此事开通的电话号码是503-294-9928。该网站也将定期更新,以反映显重要接管事件。了解最新实况的最好方法是定期检查网站。

Can I write off my investment loss?

The Receiver cannot give tax or other legal advice. You might want to give a copy of the SEC Complaint to your accountant or tax advisor and seek their advice. 



Will I be receiving periodic distributions?

At present, the Receiver has determined that no periodic distributions will be made, pending future developments in this case. At some point in the future, the Receiver will seek court approval to make a distribution. 



Do you have an estimate of what percent of our original investment may be returned to us in the form of a distribution?

It is simply too early to make such an estimate.



How do I file a claim?

If and when assets are recovered and there are funds in the receivership estate which are available for distribution, a claims process will be established per a Court order. As a first step in this process, creditors and investors will receive a proof of claim form. 



Is a full list of investors who invested in the Companies available for public review?




Can we get more real time update on your website?

The Receiver is filing periodic reports with the Court and this website will be updated whenever there is something substantive to report. 



Are the principals of the Companies subject to any criminal action?

The Securities and Exchange Commission's lawsuit is a civil case. The Receiver has no responsibility or authority to prosecute criminal actions. Such matters are handled by the criminal authorities. 



Can we sue the Companies?

No, the Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit stayed actions against the Companies. This was done to give the Receiver time to locate and marshal the assets. 



Who does the Receiver work for?

The Receiver is a neutral and totally independent party. The Receiver is essentially an agent of the Court and works on behalf of or for the appointing Judge. The Receiver reports to the Judge by filing reports and motions. The beneficiaries of the Receiver's work are all of you, the investors and creditors. Some investors have expressed the mistaken notion that the Receiver is adversarial to them. This is absolutely not so. It is just the opposite of that.